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The Wisdom of Rhythm

"There's something like a promise in a cobalt blue electric Autumn sky, like there's wisdom in the rhythm, like it's ok that the time keeps flowing by." -September Me, David LaMotte (read on for more about David and this captivating song!)

Happy Gratitude Week, Travelers!

With holidays approaching, the call for reflection meanders in and out of my daily life. The metaphor for the changing seasons can be a sobering reminder. Summer must end and autumn inevitably moves into the death of Winter, in both seasons and life. There is beauty in this wisdom as well as some sadness. Most of you know I teach Hermetic Wisdom and the Principle of Rhythm is one of the 7 Principles. Simply put, it's a mutable Principle that moves between the more fixed Principle of Polarity. Rhythm is the swing between opposites; Life and Death, Light and Dark, Hope and Despair. Rhythm encompasses the spaces and stages between.

Working within the 7 Principles, there are also Laws, and the Law of Counterbalance is one of these. Some might call it Karma, but it's important not to take it too personally. It's simply a masterful balancing energy that's always in motion. The measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If we throw a ball in the air, it will travel the same distance back down again.

You get the idea. Rhythm always compensates.

This law applies to mental states as well. Those who suffer tremendous grief have also known great delights. The capacity for both pleasure and pain is balanced within each person. When I feel deeply sad or hopeless, I find peace in the knowledge that I have known the depths of joy and faith, and rhythm will bring those back around.

"Autumn Me"

As if by magic, this song by David LaMotte, a new Tour Host for us, tapped on my shoulder bringing gentle wisdom. September Me is a finalist for the 2023 USA Songwriting Competition in the Folk Category and the winner will be announced tomorrow. Take a listen.

As I write to you, I'm also deep into the planning and details of next year's tours with a continual cup of tea and a cat or two in my lap. In this work, my focus must often jump far into the future so I'm wrapping up 2024, getting in "last minute" bookings and finalyzing hotel lists while simultaneously rolling out 2025. We can sink into the depth and presence of this season and still dance in the dreams of Spring across the Scottish Highlands and travels yet to come. I'm remembering to take moments of stillness. Balance is a lovely thing.

David's words are a perfect farewell for this missive...

"Let's take a little time, take a little time and rest ourselves awhile." - September Me

May it be so for each of you.

Be well and grateful,



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