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Traveler Feedback

Image by K B

"Raven and Traceless Tours provided the best experiences and music Scotland had to offer. We saw an amazing array of sites from historic castles to breathtaking vistas. There is  no better way to learn about Scotland!" 

-Marybeth Lenz

"What a great tour! Music, history and fabulous scenery all provided with top notch care and professionalism. Hard to imagine it could have been better." 

-Jim Kirk 

Image by B K

I've pondered how it could have been better, and I literally cannot think of a thing. This tour exceeded every expectation I had, and then some. 

Thank you for the trip of a lifetime." 

-Marie Hamilton 

This tour was perfectly planned. Raven knows her business. Each hotel was well appointed, each group meal was delicious and catered to all of our needs. The day trips were delightful and the history provided for each place was great. Everything " went off without a hitch." It was a lovely tour. Thank you!" 

-Ann Lawrence 

Image by Adam Wilson

"This is a wonderful tour: beautiful scenery, great authentic Scottish music from different genres, delicious meals, cool accommodations, nice mix of free time and tour activities, very comfortable coach. 

Bravo, Traceless Tours!" 

-Ryan Bond 

testimonial sacred scotland1_edited.jpg

The Sacred tour was inspiring & life changing. We saw so many magical things that it's difficult to pick a favorite, or a favorite place, but I especially loved the Isle of Skye. I hadn't expected the private concerts to be so much fun, but I was impressed by all the musicians who played with pure joy from their hearts & shared their love of music."


-Cheryl Collins 

"Castles, graveyards, and historical sites, along with a charming historian to explain it to us! A skilled and witty coachman safely taking us all around! Intimate concerts, featuring a wide variety of music. Charming little towns, rolling hills, ancient heritage trees! Tasty food, comfy beds and the sweetest staff everywhere we went! Loved every minute!" 

-Mary Bycroft 

Image by Sorin Tudorut



"Thanks for setting the bar so impossibly high, I can only go with you again!" 

-Hannah Lewis

"The music was truly amazing. It filled my heart and my soul- you booked great musicians! We have travelled to many places - Kenya, Cambodia, Italy, Greece and others- this is my favorite trip so far! I can' wait to go back to Scotland." 

-Lois Kenney 

Image by Max Hermansson
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