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Tours consciously planned to limit environmental impact
and dialogue with and support local conservation efforts in the areas we visit.
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Music of Scotland, 2022

#1: April 6 -16, 2022 (Sold Out)

#2: April 19 - 29, 2022 - (Sold Out)

#3: Sept 3 - Sept 13, 2022 (Sold Out)

Join Chuck Brodsky, Rob Ellen & Raven Sinclaire for a tour of Scotland's sights and sounds.


Scottish History & Ancestry Tour

Sept 19-28, 2023 (Sold Out)

Join Raven and historian, James Barrowman for an exploration into your Scottish ancestry. The itinerary will be set according to your family connections. This tour is limited to a small group.

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Music of Scotland, 2023

#1: April 8-18, 2023

#2: April 21 - May 1, 2023

#3: Sept 6-16, 2023

Join Chuck Brodsky, Rob Ellen & Raven Sinclaire for a tour of Scotland's sights and sounds.


Radiant Light Retreat, Scotland, 2023

July 10-18th, 2023

Join Raven Sinclaire for a Hermetic wisdom retreat in a magical land.


Sacred Scotland 2023

May dates coming soon

Join Raven Sinclaire for a 12 night tour of Scotland's most magical places. This is a tour for "soul family." Are you feeling the call?

Herstory Asheville local Tour: Come hear the rest of the story....

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Asheville's popular walking tour that spotlights the women's history of the city began in 2008 with only ten stories. Raven had moved to Asheville with a desire to soak up the history and herstory of this unique city. Her first inspiration came on a tour of the Thomas Wolfe House, given by Christian Dwight Edwards, who happened to give a very Julia Wolfe-rich tour!
From there, Raven found more history of the women who, not only shaped Asheville but the world beyond. The tour grew to include many more stories than she could share in a single tour and they are still coming. Herstory Asheville tour has served as an inspiration and model for other women's history tours around the country and, in 2010, Raven was named one of YWCA's Women of Influence for her contributions toward sharing the history of Asheville. 
Raven still leads these (very eco-friendly) walking tours herself for groups of fifteen or more. Don't have a large group? Maybe you can join a group already scheduled. Contact her for more info.


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