Covid-19 Update: Spring, 2021 tours have been moved to 2022! Participants are being updated via email as we have new information.

Experience the World

Like it's the only one we've got.

Tours consciously planned to limit environmental impact
and dialogue with and support local conservation efforts in the areas we visit.

Sacred Scotland

Sept 12-22, 2021 (Sold Out)

Join Andrew Harvey & Raven Sinclaire for a mystical Scotland experience.

Music of Scotland

#1: Aug  30 - Sept 9, 2021 (Sold Out)

#2: April 6 -16, 2022 (not open to new bookings)

#3: April 19 - 29, 2022 (Sold Out)

Note: We are in the process of moving those booked for 2021 to our new 2022 tours. There may be spots that open up so please check back soon.


Join Chuck Brodsky & Raven Sinclaire for a tour of Scotland's sights and sounds.

Radiant Light Retreat

Aug 22 - Aug 30, 2021

Join Raven Sinclaire for a wisdom retreat in the lap of luxury!

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