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Travel the world like it's the only one we've got.

Why Traceless Tours?

Raven’s Tours are consciously planned to limit environmental impact and dialogue with and support local conservation efforts in the areas we visit. We also take your trust in traveling with us personally. We can’t wait for you to meet our friends in Scotland, and they’ll become your friends too!

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We take extra care of every detail while leaving space for unexpected finds and experiences. 

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We have created bespoke tours around special interests. Built around a theme, these tours all include history, culture and music. 

Specialty Scotland Tours

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Join one of our host musicians for a truly authentic and personalized tour experience featuring world-class musicians from Scotland.

Music Tours to Scotland


All of Scotland is sacred in our view so we have chosen some of the most gorgeous and special sites to share on this heart-opening trip.

Sacred Scotland


About Traceless Tours

Raven's Traceless Tour offers sustainable exploration of  landscapes and culture, minimizing environmental impact while supporting local communities. 

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eco friendly

Eco-Friendly Accommodations:

Traceless Tours books hotels that take conservation seriously, emphasizing a commitment to sustainability. These accommodations not only prioritize environmentally friendly practices but also actively support Fair Trade products and Living Wages, ensuring a positive impact on local communities.

Locally sourced

Locally Sourced Dining:

Our commitment extends to the dining experiences of our tour groups. We choose restaurants that support local farmers and make efforts to minimize single-use plastics. By selecting such establishments, we aim to foster a connection between travelers and the local community while minimizing the environmental impact of our tours.

tours to Scotland

Regenerative Tourism Approach: 

Beyond sustainable travel, Traceless Tours practices regenerative tourism. We take important steps to leave a positive mark on the places we visit by fostering relationships between visitors, locals, and the environment. Additionally, a portion of our tour profits is dedicated to conservation projects in the areas we visit.

What they're sayin...

We continually strive to outdo ourselves.

Raven and pony on Sinclair Bay
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“Raven set the bar very high and created lasting memories that have shaped us as people. Her attention to the little details just exploded into the most beautiful moments. How she knew what we needed to see and feel and experience shows just how in tune she is when it comes to her tours. I was blown away every day.”

-Nora and Steven Stewart

Music Tour of Scotland with Dave Carroll

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