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"Our tour of musical Scotland with Traceless Tours was an unforgettable experience. Our native Scot expert on history and literature, James Barrowman, provided deeper insight when we visited traditional tourist spots around Edinburgh, Inverness and Pitlochry, and provided personal stories in that wonderful Scottish accent. Although days were relaxed – never leaving before 9 am – we managed to visit historical sites, enjoy free time, and explore. Each day concluded with outstanding traditional music, either private concerts with world-class musicians or pub / folk club music curated to ensure the best experience. Chuck Brodsky has years of experience leading small group tours in Ireland, and as in our experience with those tours, the participants on this tour have became close and real (not just facebook!) friends. Logistics were professionally handled by Raven, who kept us entertained with quick fun facts and unexpected experiences. Her knowledge and perspective about the ancient spiritual sites helped make the trip unique and inspirational."

-Beth & Dennis Griffith

Music Tour of Scotland

"Our tour was a perfect mix of planning and spontaneity. Visiting the Isle of Skye has been a longtime dream and it was everything. However, I couldn't have known that I would fall in love with every single place we visited. Thanks to Raven for an unforgettable experience!"

-Callie Wilson

Sacred Sites of Scotland

"The Scotland tour with Traceless Tours, led by Raven and Chuck, was absolutely fantastic! This trip exceeded my expectations in every way -- accommodations, meals, music, sightseeing, and activities were great. As a single woman traveling alone, this tour was the best way to see Scotland. I felt safe and included. This tour has the right balance of sightseeing, activities, and music, mixed in with time to explore the surrounding areas, restaurants, and pubs on your own, should you choose to do so. I am looking forward to experiencing another trip with Traceless Tours and Chuck Brodsky. Thank you Raven, Chuck, and James, for the experience of a lifetime!"

-Sherry Lowe

"What a great tour! Music, history and fabulous scenery all provided with top notch care and professionalism. Hard to imagine it could have been better."

-Jim Kirk

Music Tour of Scotland

"I loved many things - the music, the camaraderie, the relaxed nature, staying 3 nights at one place instead of moving all the time, the history/culture information by James, and our fabulous group of travelers and leader!!"

-Mabelle Kirk

Music Tour of Scotland

"This trip to Scotland was one we had waited on for 2 long years. We were so excited to get to finally take the trip and all our expectations were exceeded! Each location provided a sampling of Scottish culture that was unique and just absolutely wonderful! If you want to explore the culture of Scotland through music, food, place and people I would strongly recommend Traceless Tours."

-Laurel Nagy Stanek

Music Tour of Scotland

"Truly the trip of a lifetime, executed effortlessly with such love and care. I will think of it again and again and dream of returning on a future tour with you."

-Samantha Conway

Sacred Scotland Tour

"If you are interested in the history, music, and culture of Scotland, Raven Sinclaire's Traceless Tours experience is for you. Live music, castles, kirkyards, battlefields, poetic walks, cathedrals, great food, unique accommodations (and did I mention LIVE music) fill every day. This is not a tour, it is a pilgrimage!" - Dean Hallmark


"I went on the inaugural Scotland Music Tour with Traceless Tours, and I am so glad that I did!
The music was just fantastic, the accommodations and their locations were gorgeous, and the
thoughtfully curated selection of activites and excursions was great fun and covered both
sightseeing and culture in good and plentiful measure.

When there was a hiccup with a hotel charge (not in any way the fault of Traceless), I felt
like Raven was with me at every step until it was resolved. The depth of experience both Raven & Chuck bring to these tours let me feel so fully taken care of that I could just focus on taking it all in and having the best possible time. The personal touch they both provide is as responsive as you need without crowding at all. It's a beautful balance.

Our historian and guide, James, was wonderful in his knowledge and attitude, friendly and of
the most cheerful disposition, and kept me hanging on every word of his stories and anecdotes.

I heartily recommend Traceless Tours to anyone who wants to visit Scotland and experience it
with a uniquely distinctive local cutural and historical flavor. I look very much forward to my
next time!" - Eric R. Bassey


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