We know group tours and

sustainable practices haven't

always gone together in the past,

but this is a new day.

We also know that a journey toward zero waste and living mindfully at home should extend to all the places we go. Experiencing the world's beauty through travel encourages reverence for the planet and that's always a good idea! While we are waiting on jets with PurePower engines, electric coaches, hotels to eliminate single use plastics and restaurants to only serve locally sourced organic food, we can take conscious travel step-by-step and choose wisely.


Traceless Tours books hotels that are Green Tourism members and committed to Fair Trade products and Living Wages. Our groups eat at restaurants that support local farmers and limit single use plastics when possible. We also give back a portion of profits from each tour to conservation organizations in the location we travel and maintain a dialogue with these same organizations to prevent leaving unwanted footprints and upsetting delicate ecosystems.

Thanks for your interest in traveling traceless with us! Take a look at what's coming up...

Sacred Scotland with Raven and Andrew

August 30 - Sept 10, 2020 (Sold Out)

You're invited to join Andrew and Raven for 11 nights in magical Scotland where we will commune with the Land, the Elements, the Spirits and Each Other! Andrew is a renowned mystic, the author of over 30 books, and the Founder of the Institute of Sacred Activism. Raven is Editor in Chief of Sacred Science Journal, and author and facilitator of ancient wisdom processes with a deep connection to Scotland.

The journey begins in Edinburgh where we will stay for three nights, seeing the many sights around the gothic capital city, including a visit to nearby Rosslyn Chapel and Glen with a private guide. The next three nights will be spent in the center of Scotland in wonderful Pitlochry. From this vantage point, we will take short day trips to some of the most beautiful and heart-opening spots in the U.K. If you fancy learning more about Scotch, there will be opportunities to visit some area distilleries as well.

Next we travel to one of the islands (surprise!) and experience the beauty of Scottish coastlines and sacred sites. From the isles we journey on to stunning Glencoe in Argyl & Bute then hike Kilmartin Glen, an area that spans 5,000 years with a multitude of cairns, standing stones, carved rock, stone circles, forts and castles. On the 9th we return to Edinburgh for our last afternoon and farewell dinner. Throughout our time together, Andrew and Raven will share wisdom, history and ceremony, departing the morning of the 10th.

Music of Scotland with Chuck & Raven

April 6-April 16, 2022 (Sold Out)

April 19-29, 2022 (Sold Out)

Sept 3 - Sept 13, 2022

edinburgh castle 1.jpg
Join us for a Sights and Sounds Tour of some of Scotland's best music, most breathtaking scenery and a bit of history along the way. If you love cozy pubs and stately castles, scenic overlooks, private concerts and single malts, you may find heaven along the winding Highland roads.
Since we tend to be up a bit late, we start our leisurely days later in the morning. We begin our time in Edinburgh, where we will stay for three nights to explore the best this beautiful city has to offer. Next
we head up to the heart of Scotland for three days with lots to see and do. Argyl & Bute is next for three nights of music and days filled with distillery tours, local exploration and short scenic hikes before traveling back to Edinburgh. There are six group dinners and music every night.
We've arranged a few private concerts, including Chuck himself and day trips to some of Scotland's popular tourist sites and a few quieter, quirkier off the beaten path locations. Raven will share bits of history and lore of this land full of colorful characters. This tour is a little bit of everything and we are super excited to share this side of Scotland with you!

Coming Soon: Mary Magdalene Tour to France with Andrew Harvey & Raven Sinclaire, Sacred Yorkshire Tour & Retreat, more Scotland Tours

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