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We know group tours and

sustainable practices haven't

always gone together in the past,

but this is a new day.

We also know that a journey toward zero waste and living mindfully at home should extend to all the places we go. Experiencing the world's beauty through travel encourages reverence for the planet and that's always a good idea! While we are waiting on jets with PurePower engines, electric coaches, hotels to eliminate single use plastics and restaurants to only serve locally sourced organic food, we can take conscious travel step-by-step and choose wisely.


Traceless Tours books hotels that are Green Tourism members and committed to Fair Trade products and Living Wages. Our groups eat at restaurants that support local farmers and limit single use plastics when possible. Beyond a commitment to sustainability, we are committed to regenerative tourism which seeks to leave a place better than it was found through empowering relationships between visitors and locals and the environment. We give back a portion of profits from each tour to conservation organizations and projects in the location we travel and maintain a dialogue with these same organizations to prevent leaving unwanted footprints and upsetting delicate ecosystems.

In short, we consider the needs of our clients, the locals of Scotland and the environment on equal terms. If it's not great for all, we won't do it. That's why we work closely with our friends and organizations in Scotland to make sure we are adding to and not taking from the country we love so much.

Thanks for your interest in Raven Sinclaire's Traceless Tours!


Happy Travels,


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