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Regenerate & Celebrate

I'm just back from Scotland and traveling with such lovely people for our Spring tours. In less than 4 weeks, I leave again for the next four Summer tours. Since they are back to back, it's my pattern to be rushing and worrying and re-checking details until I board the plane. As soon as I step foot onto Scottish soil, my body relaxes and I take a deep breath of my ancestral lands. All is well. I look forward to seeing my friends there, most of whom I see more often than my friends in the States. It's a strange thing to be caught between two lands, two homes, two cultures. The truth is I wouldn't trade it. It makes me feel whole in a way that I wouldn't, couldn't, haven't, in one place or the other. 

I often think we are all caught between at least two places, whether aware of it or not. The land or lands of our ancestors are always calling, beckoning us home. It can be a tricky situation to feel that you are home when you are, by most accounts, only a tourist. Scotland is one of those such places that call to many of us. With a diaspora of around 40 million and a current population of only 5.5 million, there are lots of genetically displaced Scots walking around. Our groups are very welcome in Scotland, partly because of who they tend to be, gracious and caring.

In the Spirit of traveling lightly and with reverence, I created my own personal note entitled "Regenerate & Celebrate" awhile back. When Fiona Ritchie asked me a few months ago, what travel guidelines I share with my groups, I used that as impetus to reword my own notes for others, and I hope you find inspiration in them.Click to read if you're inclined. Our Spring tour groups really embodied these guidelines in amazing ways. I can hardly wait to experience what the Summer brings!


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